Diploma in Computer Engineering


Introduction :

In the modern world, the country that developed or advanced more in Computer & Information Technology is more developed in Industry, Literature, and Civilization & Economics. In the last decade, also in our country, a revolutionary change in computerization in all events has been started. Maximum organizations of Industry, Literature, bank, Insurance, Education use of computer massively seen in Industry & factories. A huge number of youths being educated in information technology engaged in the honorable profession in country & abroad. As a result, the minimum rate of unemployment problem of the country is reducing this which is positive for the economics of the country.

 Success :

An innumerous number of students passed from BCI are living standard lives for service & study in Europe, America, Australia, South African countries worldwide. Students remain in this country also serving with local & multinational companies with reputation besides study in B.Sc. Engineering in various universities.

Admission Qualification:

Course Duration: 4 years divided in 8 semesters.

( Admission, Registration, Examination, Certificate issue etc. all procedure controlled by Technical Education Board)

Class Schedule: Except weekend holidays & public holidays, pursuant to rules of Technical  Education Board classes taken as per routine of Institute.

Seat: Computer Engineering 100 seats, that students admitted & considering 20% of drop out 48 more seat is available for admission.

Admission Requirement :

At least 2.00 GPA in SSC or Equivalent Examination any group since 2012 or later & also passed/failed students of HSC examination.

H.S.C (Science) students can take admission in the 3rd semester directly and H.S.C [Vocational (Science)] students can take admission in the 4th semester directly.

Payment :

Admission Fee: 6,100.00 Taka only

Semester Fee: 6,000.00 Taka only

Examination Fee: 500.00 Taka only (For Mid Exam)

Monthly tuition fee: 1,500.00 Taka

Marks sheet: 200.00 Taka only. (Each Semester)

Retake fee for each subject referred in any semester Tk. 200.00

Lab Facilities :

Equipped Computer Lab, Multimedia projector class, IPS, UPS Backup facilities. All equipment is available. 100% practical Class. Visiting Outside.

Admission Session :

Admission going on session 2020-2021